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We're a team of seasoned experts specializing in delivering comprehensive solutions to organizations facing intricate data challenges. Our primary objective is to assist customers in bringing their AI solutions to life by harnessing the power of data. Lluminant empowers organizations to modernize their data infrastructure, preparing them for generative AI solutions.

organizations to modernize their data infrastructure, preparing them for generative AI solutions. Our services include Master Data Management, Cloud Integration, Data Governance and Quality, and Modernization. Lluminant, a Platinum partner of Informatica, provides expert consulting services for customers in Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Utilities, and Oil and Gas sectors.




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Intelligent Data Management in the Cloud

Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) optimizes data management processes in the cloud, offering an industry-leading Cloud Native, Cloud First, and AI-powered solution.

IDMC tools enable data mastering from disparate sources, real-time integration of On-Premise and Cloud systems, establishment of data quality procedures, cataloging of hidden data assets, and framework to control data at the source.

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Informatica SaaS 360 and Applications

Informatica SaaS 360 and Applications provide a complete solution for managing data silos across cloud and on-premises sources. Our implementation strategy includes real-time integration, batch processing, establishing data quality and business rules, and mastering Master Data.

This enables organizations to obtain a 360-degree view of their business data within 16 to 24 weeks, ensuring a quick return on MDM investment.

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Informatica Cloud Application and Data Integration

Informatica's multi-cloud Cloud Application and Data Integration, powered by IDMC, facilitates easy connection and integration of various cloud and on-premises applications and data sources.

At Lluminant, we specialize in providing Informatica Cloud Application and Data Integration solutions to maximize cloud investments and bring AI to life by delivering the right data at the right time to the right target system.

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Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Is your data ready for AI? Informatica's AI-powered cloud Data Governance and Catalog enables customers to build a trusted data pipeline for AI algorithms.

Our solution helps link technical and business contexts, establish lineage, create a data marketplace, enforce business rules for data quality monitoring, and ensure accurate insights using trusted data.

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Data Modernization

As companies invest in AI, their data infrastructure needs to evolve to meet business demands. Moving applications to the cloud requires modernization of critical data assets such as Master Data Management, ERP, Integration middleware, and Data Warehouses.

Organizations use the cloud operating model to consolidate data sources, improve organizational efficiency, and enhance data quality pipelines to targets like CRM, ERP, and Cloud Warehouses.

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Informatica MDM Modernization

As organizations modernize their data infrastructure by investing in cloud-based applications, there is an increasing necessity to modernize their data assets through modern Master Data Management Solutions.

Lluminant specializes in Informatica MDM SaaS, enabling customers to migrate from legacy MDM solutions to AI-Powered, Cloud Native Informatica SaaS 360 and Applications within 13 to 14 weeks.

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Informatica Cloud & ERP Modernization

Organizations modernize their technical ecosystem by migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud. Informatica Cloud Modernization plays a critical role in seamlessly moving data pipelines to the cloud.

Using Informatica Intelligent Management in Cloud (IDMC), Lluminant assists customers in building a trusted data pipeline and improving data quality during ERP modernization.

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Data Warehouse Modernization for Enhanced Decision-Making

Empowering Organizations with Agile Insights

As user demands surge for agile reporting, facilitating actionable insights crucial for informed decision-making, companies no longer can rely on outdated systems to store and organize their critical information. With a rising investment in Generative AI, the imperative to modernize data warehouses has never been more pressing.

This necessitates the implementation of cloud-based, scalable lake houses like Snowflake, Databricks, and Azure Synapse.

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